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o taste -- was fetched from afar," Xi said. The villagers did not even have▓ the luxury of showering."It was my first visit to Xihaigu▓ and the view of people's life there shocked me," Xi sa▓id. "After so many years of reform and opening-u▓p, that there wa

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    s still a place in such poor and d▓ifficult conditions left me stunned."LEADING B

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e it in China for good.In ▓Liangjiahe village where Xi worked for seven years from 1969, he was inspired by▓ the success of Dazhai, a model village in▓ neighboring Shanxi Province, where villagers had enough to eat through the hard work to ▓harvest grain. Xi and fellow villagers of Liangjiahe dream▓ed of "

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    having corn flour for meals" for the whole year▓, too."I just turned 20 at that time, and I was mainly t▓hinking about ways to let everyone to harvest a little more grain and have a little pocke

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    t money," Xi said.Xi led the ▓villagers in digging wells, building terraces and sediment storage dams, and setting up the province's first methane-generating pit.He also invited the village's t

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    hree blacksmiths, who had been working el▓sewhere, to come back to set up an iron cooperative."Forgin▓g the iron could generate some income. Only by making some ▓money could we get things done."Amo

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ng some 30,00▓0 young people sent to the Yan'an region from Beijing, Xi was the first to work as a Party branch secretary at that time. He was awarded a three-wheeled▓ motorcycle by the Beijing municipal government."The motor▓cycle was useless in the village. It was even impossible to drive it into the village. Better to exchange it for something practical," Xi recalled.He then went to the agricultural bureau of Yan'an and exchanged th▓e motorcycle for a hand tractor, a flour milling machine, ▓a grain thrower, a rice milling machine and a submersible pump, for villagers.RURAL REFORM IN ZHENGDINGReform took an early root in Xi's thinking about governance.Fro

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